What is SaaS and Why do 94% of technical professionals choose SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) refers to providing software over the internet rather than the traditional method of installation on your computer.

Since the application is hosted on a cloud, the users don’t have to invest in any hardware or software to access the application. This model is sometimes referred to as an ‘on-demand’ software delivery model.

what is SaaS vs Non SaaS
SaaS vs Non-SaaS applications

The user simply needs to subscribe to the application and then access the application. The biggest advantage of this model is the near-zero installation cost, as the application is hosted in the cloud or on a server.

It can be an ideal solution for large enterprises, small businesses, or individuals. Below are Some reasons why 94% of technical professionals choose SaaS.

  • They do not want the responsibility of buying or maintaining infrastructure, platforms, and on-premises software.
  • Prefers simpler cost management through operational expenses (OPEX), rather than capital expense investments (CAPEX).
  • Have challenges that require minimal customization to solve.
  • Favor software subscription models.

Some other advantages of SaaS :

1. It offers 24/7 access to the software from any place, at any time from any device.

2. It saves clients from installing and managing the software.

3. It easily upgrades the software anytime without any hassle.

Disadvantages of SaaS:

1. SaaS security concerns — with on-premises software, data is stored in-house whereas in SaaS data is often stored offsite by the service provider.

2. It requires a good internet connection (always on) for smooth functioning. In case of any disruption, the service is interrupted.

3. Company’s loss of control over the delivery services as SaaS is a third-party vendor.

The cloud-based model is so common now that more than 60% of software seekers who call Software Advice only want web-based products — less than 2% specifically ask for on-premise software.

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