Easy and Powerful Ways to Improve Your Code Quality 💻

In his book “Juran’s Quality Control Handbook”, Joseph M. Juran has concisely defined two widely accepted aspects of code quality:

Photo of Joseph M. Juran — Romanian-born American engineer and management consultan
Joseph M. Juran

1. Quality code consists of those features that cater to the need of customers and subsequently provide product satisfaction.

2. Quality code is free from deficiencies.

It’s essential to ensure that programming teams are on the same page when it comes to coding design.

As teams employ alternative code types or techniques, they will begin to diverge on topics that should be standard and agreed upon.

Some ways you can improve the quality of your code are:

1. Use relevant coding standards

Using a coding standard is highly recommended. It is one of the most effective methods for producing high-quality code. Using a coding standard guarantees consistency among colleagues and boosts the codebase’s stability.

The best way to start using a coding standard is to train your developers and help them comply with it. A static code analyzer can help you do this.

2. Analyze the code before a code review

It is important and best to analyze code when it’s written and before the code review. This helps save a lot of time and makes the process of resolving errors cheaper and easier.

3. Follow code review best practices

One of the top three methods for ensuring code quality is code review. When code review is done extensively and correctly, it dramatically improves code quality.

4. Refactor code when necessary

Refactoring old legacy code can help you significantly decrease its complexity and clean up the codebase.

Some significant reasons why maintaining a high-quality for your code is essential are:

  • It makes your software robust
  • Increases readability and eases editing
  • Makes your program sustainable
  • Promotes easy transferability
  • Decreases technical debt

To conclude, well-written code has a noticeable effect on the quality of your software. It is critical to understand and measure the quality of your software to determine whether it is improving as a result of greater code quality.

To read more on Code Quality, How to Measure and Improve it you can check out this article — What is code quality, how to measure and improve it.

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